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devSolutions is a veteran-owned small business operating in Vacaville, CA. We offer a variety of technology solutions for small business, from custom website design and development to implementing cloud solutions. Call today for your free estimate!

Custom Design and Development

We provide you with an affordable way to create a unique website or application for your small business. Work with a professional 1 on 1 to design and implement your ideas.  We can also help upgrade your current out of

Database Services

We can help you design and setup an on-premise or cloud database solution using Microsoft’s SQL Server and Azure.  We do everything from designing your database schema to optimizing query performance.   We can also provide on-going support and maintenance

Business Intelligence

We can help you setup a BI solution to gain valuable insight about your business real-time. You don’t have to settle for out-of-the-box solutions when you get exactly what you want for a fraction of the cost.   Services Data

Recent Posts

  • New Website built

    New Website built

    Just built my personal site, check it out @ Site     Another WordPress site but this time using a cool new Redux Framework, def one of my new favorite plugins to use for WordPress.  It makes it easy to make
  • SQL Server

    SQL Server

    You may be thinking of upgrading your database soon and have some questions on what SQL Server is. SQL Server is: – A relational database management system – Stores data in tables that can be linked to other tables with
  • Input Local – Custom Survey Application

    Input Local – Custom Survey Application

    Check out a site we did for one of our clients.  It is a custom survey application built with MVC4, Bootstrap, and jQuery.  Our client can send out unique surveys to their customers and gather important information.  This is an
  • Anyone’s Off-road and Customs

    Anyone’s Off-road and Customs

    Take a look at a site we built for one of our clients. Responsive Dynamic Sliders Custom Build Portfolio Product Gallery We also set them up with Enterprise Email, on Office 365.  Contact us if your interested in taking your
  • The “Cloud”

    The “Cloud”

    So today we keep hearing the buzzword all over the place The “Cloud”.  What is the cloud and how does it affect you as a small business owner?  The cloud is a service orientated technology solution platform in which you
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